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Your success depends on customers. Tough statement but true. 

Many entrepreneurs think that all they need is a great idea or a great widget to be successful. Sales will just happen. All they need is to tell a few people and word will spread.  Reality is that you need a ton of luck, education on areas of business, lots of connections and some ways to make money while your new business is taking off.

​Anyone in business will tell you, without customers and a strong sense of marketing you will fail.

We want to help you build the best marketing plan possible. But first we want to educate you in the field of marketing.  Once you understand the fundamentals you will be well on your way to success.

The Coach

Brenda L. Turino the facilitator of all the workshops. She has been in the marketing industry for over thirty years and it is her passion to share her knowledge about marketing.


Through Seneca College's Self Employment Benefit Program (SEB Program), Brenda   coached hundreds of start ups, business owners, and entrepreneurs.  


Together they developed their marketing plans and collateral materials to attract customers.  During those years she developed and refined numerous marketing training workshops to train a multitude of different businesses. 


Passionately, she taught eager students how to market their business in the most efficient and economical way.  Now she brings this to you. 


All her Workshops are tried, tested and truly work. 


Fundamental Marketing lessons! 


A series of lessons that will help you better understand your customers.  Once you understand your customer then you can move to developing a marketing plan that will be attractive to them as well attract them to you.  Marketing is not rocket science, its simply understanding your target market and giving them what they want.  It sound simple…and basically it is.  That’s why we call our site easy Marketing Lessons.

Each of our lessons have been used by hundreds of start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Learn what they know.


All our workshops are only $19.99 and each includes a narrated Powerpoint presentation, a workbook for you to fill in and at the end you will have all the notes needed to review at another date.


one lesson at a time...

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