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Decor Photography

for home, office or anywhere

Living-room wall 1
Bathroom 2
Bedroom 2
Bathroom 3
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Bathroom 1
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Living-room wall 3
Living-room wall 2
Bedroom 1
Time to change the look of your office, living room, bedroom or bathroom?
Simply change the artwork
We offer stunning shots of Nature, Flowers, Niagara Region, special Places, Things, Sunsets or a iconic pictures of Burlington?
Check out our selection and be inspired.



Along with my husband Michael, we have shot over 30,000 pictures and we are constantly be adding to this page, so come back often and have a look. You might just find the perfect photograph for your walls.


Please take your time and browse the categories below and choose what appeals to you.  Simply jot down the name or number of the picture you want and then go to the price list page to determine the appropriate size and style.  That's it, send me an email with your requirements, and I'll confirm your order.

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