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Coaching / Consultant


If you have ever thought it would be powerful to have someone to:


  • bounce ideas off

  • get fresh new ideas from

  • flush out new concepts with

  • give feedback on your initiatives

  • review your marketing materials before they launch

  • evaluate and provide opinions on the effectiveness of existing collateral material

then Brenda can help.


Whether you are a business owner, entreprenuer or executive in an established company, you will gain insight, get and keep more customers, and better know your marketing plan when you utilize the Coaching, Consulting and other services Brenda offers.


Brenda is a natural conduit for change. She quickly sees how you can make changes to your marketing efforts or business which will be more attractive to your target customer. She draws from decades of marketing experience to help you along your journey. What makes her different is that she uses simple but effective exercises to show you how you can better tune into your customers and build a better "mouse or 'customer' trap".


Often Brenda will take on the role of the customer to help the business understand their customer's perspective, which is the only one that counts.


Brenda is open and eager to share her extensive knowledge, energy and motivation to help you create unique business opportunities. Are you ready for direction, change, support and innovative ideas?


Below you can explore the differences between coaching and consulting to see which is the right fit for you as well as the services BLT Marketing Inc. offers.


Definition of Coaching: Coaching is the process of providing instruction, direction, feedback and support. A coach is someone who supports, explains, demonstrates, instructs and directs others via encouragement and asking questions. Coaching helps business owners focus on creating a distinct business.


BLT Coaching is a little bit different. We also provide you with hands on help in writing, designing and editing. Our coaching sessions are purchased in blocks of 5, 10, or 20 hours on a retainer basis. Coaching is a process - starting with understanding your business, articulating and meeting your goals and objectives, then, we begin the growth process to make them happen.

Imagine having someone with decades of marketing experience that you can call or meet with when you need help and who will be with you every step of the way.

Please contact Brenda for a complimentary half hour coaching session to get a feel for how different BLT is and how it can help your business grow.


Description of Consulting: A consultant is a professional who provides an analysis of existing business problems and aids in the development of plans for improvement. Organizations hire consultants for a number of reasons, including, for example, to gain external and presumably more objective advice and recommendations, to gain access to the consultants' specialized expertise, or simply as temporary help during a one-time project, where the hiring of permanent employees is not required.


BLT Marketing Inc. offers marketing consulting services on an as-needed basis. Brenda will come to your place of business and meet with you to discuss what your needs and goals are. Then Brenda will offer her expertise and creative ideas or hands-on help to assist with the growth of your business.


Utilize decades of skills, talents and brilliance of Brenda Turino for the growth of your business. Let Brenda provide recommendations, suggestions, a fresh new perspective or new creative ideas to maximize your marketing efforts.

Give Brenda a call and if you are not convinced that she can help you market better to your customers you will have lost only a few minutes of your time.



Here are the services I can help you with:


Concept Review

Got an idea and wish you could have a marketing guru check it out. You can. Based on her extensive knowledge of marketing, Brenda will give you her opinions and provide you with a written report of what is missing, a new direction or how you could improve the concept with fresh, new, innovative ideas. This is of particular help to start-up entrepreneurs who have an idea, and before they invest further, want to get an opinion from someone who has reviewed hundreds of business concepts.


Brainstorming / Strategy Meetings

Utilize Brenda's vast knowledge and expertise to help you choose a new direction or discuss whether you are on the right path for your target market.


Marketing Plan Development

Brenda has been building target focused marketing plans for years and can help you with your mission, vision, industry understanding, target market analysis, competition or promotional plans. Brenda will work with you, help you write your document or coach you through this sometimes overwhelming process. Don't hire someone to write your business plan, you are the owner, operator of your business, build a business plan that works for you. You have the concept, knowledge and skills to run the business, let Brenda help you figure all the details out and put in on paper.


Email Campaign Concepts

If you have a database, you will need to be "mining" it - sending out email campaigns targeted at the needs and emotional wants of your clients. Keep your name in front of them and keep them engaged in the products and services you offer. Brenda will help you come up with the focus of email campaigns and the focus of each email. If you need help in the writing or design Brenda is ready to help.


Client Experience Analysis

Brenda will act as a mystery shopper and analyze your business from a marketing perspective. She can focus on a particular area of your business or provide an overview. She will tell you what your customers may not be saying. Often businesses lose customers and don't know why. In a detailed report, Brenda will share with you what you are doing well and where you may need improvements. Brenda or one of her representatives will come to your place of business unannounced and without notice. BLT Marketing will give you a direct, truthful account of the mystery shopper visit including the facility, staff, and the processes and procedures. This can be invaluable to your company's growth.


Marketing Material Review

Hungry for a BLT - not the sandwich but a BLT Taste Test? Brenda is so sure that you will see the value she can bring to your company, she is offering to analyze one piece of your collateral material (flyer, letter, web site overview) for FREE. Find out what Brenda thinks and how she feels you could improve. This taste test will show you how Brenda works and you will quickly see the benefits of working with Brenda and BLT Marketing Inc.


Here are some of Brenda's testimonials

Brenda has been asked to sit on many business panels but the most fun event was a "Shark Tank" for the business students at Senca College.  We heard the pitches from 5 potential companies and we provided feedback as to the viability of each business.

My experience working with Brenda Turino was fantastic! She is well knowledged in every aspect of business marketing. With help from Brenda I was able to develop the marketing, image and the branding of my business. Her positive energy and guidance allowed me to realize my visions and motivated me to create something that exceeded my original expectations. I would recommend Brenda to anyone who is looking to expand their business and take it to the next level.

R. Riggs (


Brenda, with her extensive background in the marketing field, training skill sets and a passion for helping others, was the perfect person to help me achieve my marketing goals. I believe Brenda has a great future in helping other professionals stay on track to meet their target goals. Her style includes a gentle but persistent manner with a genuine interest in the individual she is with. Brenda helped me feel more clear, focused, motivated and confident while at the same time asking me tough questions to really get me thinking and moving forward. I felt supported all along the way and appreciated her enthusiasm and knowledge. She has an amazing ability to quickly, gently and effectively bring you face to face with yourself to create the definition and make the decisions needed to move ahead with intense clarity. Thank you Brenda for your professionalism, energy and caring.

Iraj Mehrnia (

Brenda is an incredibly dynamic energetic individual, who works tirelessly to meet the needs of her clients. When I had my initial consultation with her, Brenda was not familiar with the role of an Occupational Therapist. Therefore, I had to simplify my verbal infomercial and my techno-jargon for the promotional materials, to enable the general public to understand the nature of my services. The end result was that my brochure can now be circulated to a broad target market of medical professionals as well as the public.

By the end of the promotional development (brochure, business card, display board and booth presentation for 2 wellness fairs), Brenda was suggesting innovative ideas to expand my new business, since she is an objective outsider to my profession.


My initial informational consult allowed Brenda to show me promotional materials that she had developed for others, which facilitated my decision making based on visual materials and on meeting Brenda in person. I was amazed at her creative thinking and constant flow of ideas. She was the inspiration that I needed at that time to be adventurous about promoting my business, and we probably accomplished tasks within a month that may have taken 6-12 months for me to accomplish on my own.

Just a tip: You may need to ingest some high energy foods on the day that you plan to meet her, to avoid feeling left behind in the dust of her creative energy flow.

Hazel Da Silva

I have been working with Brenda for a few months now and have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and enthusiastic about my projects. I am enjoying working with Brenda as she is refreshingly honest and creative yet empathetic. I always leave our meetings feeling optimistic about my future, though invariable with lots more work to do as well!

Anne Jackson (

Upon meeting Brenda I was struck by the thought that this is a woman who loves what she does. Her enthusiasm and energy is abundant and infectious. Couple that with her marketing experience, as well as her ability to connect with her clients and you've got a truly effective coach.

Brenda quickly narrowed in on the nature of my business and we went to work on developing marketing strategies specific to my needs. At the same time we explored a wide range of marketing and business possibilities and had a lot of fun. I enjoyed every meeting and workshop and always felt informed, inspired and empowered after my meetings with Brenda. She is a wealth of knowledge and creativity and really helped me focus my marketing efforts so I'd get the most bang for my buck. Thanks Brenda for opening my eyes to so many possibilities and encouraging me to be courageous and adventurous .

Marcia Garel, Pure Pawsitive

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