Newsletters let my creative side out.  I love creating them whether they are for business or groups.  I enjoy finding the articles, sourcing the photos (or shooting them myself), and desktop publishing it for my customers.  Ask me if a newsletter is what you need.

Here are some samples



The Community Spirit


The Community Spirit was created to improve community spirit within a condo building.  Her members paid a small monthly fee of $1 to receive it electronically  and home delivery was an option.  Filled with seasonal themes, funny jokes, inspirational and motivational quotes, heart touching stories and tid bids that make life a little brighter, nicer and more fun.

Click on the graphic and see the complementary July 2015 issue.


If your condo needs a newsletter, let me know and I’ll be glad to create on for them.

Empowering Perspectives


This publication started off as a simple two page newsletter and turned into an e-zine with up to twenty pages.  Members were all over the world and a simple link was all that was needed.

Click and see a sample


If your organization needs a newsletter, let me know and I’ll be glad to create on for you.



Networking Newsletter

Encourage |Empower |Enlighten

This was a very different kind of newsletter.  It was created with the support of all members of a network group.  Each member would provide enough information to generate a page and  I would desktop publish it into a comprehensive newsletter.  Each members would send it out to their entire database providing insight, tips, or educational articles about their individual businesses monthly.

Click here to see a sample.

We could create a newsletter for your networking group,  just ask.

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