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Websites need to be updated, refurbished, refreshed, I know at one point I had 5 websites on the go.  Guess what? I didn’t update them and I just kept paying for domain names.  Duh?  I thought it best to get my primary website up-to-date. So thanks for visiting. 

I’ve spend some time now helping small businesses and not-for-profits utilize a free service.  They can manage and update whenever they need to.  Many just don't know where to start. It might not be the best options for some businesses but I’ve been there, where the budget is very tight but the desire is great.  If you want a simple website to represent your business, I can help.  Here are a few to look at, yes most are mine, but what’s wrong with a little promotion.   

Don’t forget about photography, I can come by and take your staff’s picture and you can take it from there.  That’s a quick way to instantly revitalize your site.  Of course, you will want to tell everyone…right?

Lingerie D'AMOUR needed headshots of her staff to update her website.

Celebrate occasions with fun WORD art.

Burlington Newcomers Club

Needed a revamp. A fresher more modern look that they could easily manage.

This site was created to help Lucille achieve an internet presence bringing more awareness to her start up company.

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My sites

Design with Photos
Photography becomes décor art

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