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Programs for Youth

Brenda has created a number of marketing workshops for today's youth and their parents under the title Helping Youth Get Ready for Work & Life. Workshops include:


Choosing Your Path


Figuring out what you need to do with your life is not an easy task. Brenda will explore where you are in life, as well as where you want to go. Students need to see themselves on a timeline of life and decide which way is the best for them. Brenda uses humor and her experience to explore what type of educations is right for them and how to make the right choice.

Marketing Yourself


Marketing is not just for business, it is perfect for students who want to find their way in life or a job that suits who they really are. Everyone needs to learn how to market themselves - see themselves as product with features and benefits. Brenda has developed a one-hour workshop that shows students how to market themselves for the job they want.

Is University Right?


Hear the staggering statistics on how much finding their path is costing you - it just might be a reality check, Learn why students have such a difficult time making choices and who influences them. Learn to recognize your kids for who they are, learn alternative direction choices, and the power that comes from knowledge, not just education. Brenda wants to help parents understand the challenges teens are facing and how a little research on post-secondary education can save them thousands of dollars. Parents learn what they can do to help their student decide which road to take before they invest their educational funds. Brenda will share her experience as a mother of a university student, a business owner who has worked with co-op students for three years to grow her business, a marketing coach, and a workshop facilitator.

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