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Before there were publishing programs, Brenda has been a desktop publisher.  She remembers when different colour transparencies came on the market .  This was exciting as now she could copy her images on different colours, cut out the different coloured areas and glue them on to the original clear transarency and there you go - a colour presentation using an overhead projector.  Times have changed but that desire to make things look better has'nt for Brenda.  She loves Desktop Publishing. 


For many years she worked at the back of a printing company and designed business stationery and created on-demand forms, flyers and any thing that was ask for.   From there she started BLT Marketing and enjoyed many years creating, designing and printing marketing materials.


She has created Brochures, flyers, business card and other collaterial materials for start up business because she loves what she does and she recogonizes that not everyone has the funds for a designer.  She's fast, creative and affordable.  Click the graphic to see some of her work.



If you need afordable desktop publishing done, just ask.




Desktop Publishing

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