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Over the years I have developed many services for Seniors, here are few of them.

Mediation Services


Sometimes children need mediation or negotiation help with their senior parents. Other times it is the seniors who need help dealing with their adult children. They sometimes try psychologists, therapists, coaches or get accountants, lawyers and other professionals involved and find that their bills escalate with the root of the problem never being addressed.

This is where I come in to provide help. I’m not a psychologist or a therapist but I have a natural knack for resolving family dynamic issues because I focus on the problem and offer results not therapy. I am a neutral third party working with seniors and their families. I am not emotionally involved and I can see all sides of an issue. I help families and seniors identify the problem, define what they want or need, and develop an action plan to resolve the issues and target dates to achieve success.

Here are some of the problems that I have helped families with:

  • Disconnect with seniors and there adult children

  • Defining how to set up a will

  • Help write letters of love

  • Personal expectations of couples

  • Letting go of family businesses

  • Dividing estate property among children


If you need help with mediation or resolving family issues, I can help.


Letter of Love

The day will come when you leave the world and won't it be great to leave a little letter of love to each of your family members? That's what Brenda does.  She compiles a family free in pictures and then she helps th senior write their letter of love.  She will ask questions such as what is your favourite moment with this person?  She records the answers and allows time to review what is written so it is perfect.  Then she encourages the senior to put it away where their important papers lie to be opened at the appropriate time.


The Golden Years 
A Presentation to Rock the Seniors' World!

Hundreds of seniors ranging from new retirees to those in their late 90's have enjoyed this dynamic presentation. They love Brenda's positive attitude, enthusiasm, humour and open approach. Brenda's high energy empowers today's seniors to live, laugh and love their Golden Years.


This informative and inspirational one-hour presentation is a thought-provoking, fun and interactive way to explore what The Golden Years are, and what they are meant to be. Each participant is provided with a Golden Years checklist to discover how Golden their years are and how they can prepare for the rest of their life.


If you want to liven up your next meeting, show or event, hire Brenda Turino to speak. You will not be disappointed, and it will give your seniors something to think about… guaranteed. She brings all the equipment, handouts and support materials, you get the accolades.


The Golden Years presentation is perfect for any senior gathering whether it be a senior organization or club, association meeting, senior show or church group in the greater Toronto area. All she needs is a group of seniors! If you would like to hire Brenda to present The Golden Years to your group, just give her a call or email her with your request of date and time. She will contact your group to discuss the details.

Hello Brenda,

You were great last night. You were the perfect mediator for this job, my intuition was bang on. You have such a great natural ability to uplift seniors, now I know why you target this age group.

My Dad told my Mom he hasn’t slept like he did last night for a long time. My Mom came by the office today and she seemed much more relaxed too.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping us finally get to the bottom of this confusion and ease my Parent’s minds. Paul and I really appreciate it. Now we just need to keep our focus and stay on track.

You’re the best. Thanks again.


"Thank you for helping me put togethr such an important document.  I know each member of my family will be touched whe they read my letters of love.


I couldn't have done it without you kddo."



Engaging and Powerful! Brenda Turino's concept of life and aging brings seniors to a new light. She speaks with great confidence in various areas of aging. Brenda captivates the audience with her motivational words and welcoming concepts. She gets the audience to participate in a selection of questions that many have never thought about before - I do believe she brings a new light to a lot of seniors in what to plan for during the "Golden Years" and how to live life to its fullest!
Chrissy Yule, Wellness and Vitality Coordinator
-- Amica Mature Lifestyles


Although we had a small turnout at our program for Seniors library meeting, the people that came to hear Brenda present The Golden Years were not disappointed. The presentation was thought provoking and really made us think about preparing for the future. We will definitely have Brenda back again to present to a larger crowd. It is an important message and it needs to be heard by all those thinking about retirement, retired or living in a retirement home.
Roselyn, Port Credit Library, Mississauga

Memior Writing

Every senior has a story to tell and often their children hear it in little bits.  Brenda offers a service where she helps seniors write their memoirs.


At the end of a life, children and grandchildren often want to know the details of that life. Where did they grow up? What were the prices like? What hardships did they endure? Many seniors don't think their story is important, but Brenda discovered first hand how important her roots were AFTER she lost her parents.


Put your life on paper so the next generation will know, understand and possibly learn from your life experiences. Let Brenda help write your memoirs. It can be done in person where you would simply share your stories with Brenda and she will tape them or you can do it over the phone and Brenda will type up your stories and put them on paper for everyone or anyone to read.


How the process works

We will begin with a personal visit to get to know each other. At that time we will obtain a deposit cheque to open your account. You will only pay for the time devoted to writing your memories. After the initial interview, we get to work! We will set up specific convenient times to meet with you or your family or we can do it over the phone. After each meeting, we will let you know the status of your account. We will record you or your family member using a digital recorder. These files will be assembled into a CD that will be yours to keep. You may even supply photographs that we can include in the finished product. Because as they say "a picture is worth a thousand words".


At the end of our journey, we will produce these special memoirs in a beautiful binder that you and your entire family can enjoy for many years.


Don't let your life go unwritten.

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