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Below are some Personal Growth workshops that you may be interested in having Brenda present to your group.

Personal Growth

Putting the Power of Personal Growth in your Business

You've got the power! Learn how you can utilize personal growth as a powerful communication tool to transform the lives of your clients. Become more aware of the power of personal growth and the value it adds to your clients and your profitability. You have the power to change and transform lives.



Discover eight ways we can boost our confidence today. Confidence is not a science, it is believing in ourselves. This motivational talk will show you how you can have more confidence in many areas of your life instantly.


Employee Appreciation

An interactive four hour learning experience which was customized designed for a national retailer as a form of appreciation to recognize the efforts of their administration team. Brenda pulled together a collection of impactful insights such as "I Rock", "Getting Better Relationships", "Task Appreciation" and "Work vs. Loving Your Work" to meet the objectives set forth by the company. What can we do for you?


The Golden Years

This informative and inspirational one-hour presentation is a thought-provoking, fun and interactive way to explore what The Golden Years are, and what they are meant to be. Each participant is provided with a Golden Years checklist to discover how Golden their years are and how they can prepare for the rest of their life.

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