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Marketing Workshops
for under $10


Brenda created and facilitated workshops for entrepreneurs for over a decade with Seneca College.  She wants you to learn the art of marketing from the ground up. 


Now, all these workshops are available for download here

These workshops include titles like:

  1. Developing a business description

  2. Marketing...the What,...the How & Where to Start

  3. Market Analysis & Research

  4. Advertising

  5. Communication & Promotion - two parts

  6. Brochures & Flyers

  7. Cold Calling

  8. Image

  9. Market so Sales will Follow



If you want to have Brenda speak on Marketing, here are a few workshops/presentations that always get the audience talking.

















Marketing Bingo


Learn 36 marketing tips in 45 minutes. That is the "full card challenge" Brenda gives her audience. This lively session stimulates business owners to realize that there are dozens of ways to market any business. Playing Bingo was never so informative, interactive or fun.

Testimonials for Marketing Bingo


  • "Who knew there were so many ways to promote yourself."

  • "This was great, it sure showed me that I have a lot of work to do to promote myself."

  • "Thank you Brenda, this was wonderful, you are so full of energy."

Know What Your
Customers Want


Understand what your customers need, want, and expect. This eye-opening, interactive session will help you gain some valuable insight into the thought process of your customer. Imagine the power knowing will give you.

Knowing What Your Customers Want


"Wow, this will make it easier for me to communicate with those around me."
"Now I have the power."

Tradeshows - Getting the ROI

Before you invest in a booth at a tradeshow, whether it is a local or a national show, you will want to learn the tips, tricks and techniques to making tradeshows a successful part of your promotional and marketing plan.

Return of Advertising


We will explore advertising - what it is, how to use it to make your business more successful, different techniques to explore. We show you how to make advertising FABULOUS.

  • "The marketing workshop is energetic and very informative."

  • "Brenda's insights into marketing have greatly enhanced my business planning."

  • "Brenda is full of energy! Creative and a wealth of ideas for my business. She's a keeper."

  • "Brenda is an enthusiastic facilitator who shares her passion and expertise to execute workshops."

Train the Trainer


If you want to teach or train but do not know where to start, this workshop will give you an understanding of the behaviours that motivate and an A-Z guide for new trainers.


Laser Focus Business

Focus like dinner tonight depends on it. Learn to keep focused on your business. Know what you do, what you offer and who you are selling to.

Be sure to see what other workshops Brenda offers under Personal Growth, and Seniors areas

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