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My business career was mainly spent in marketing including over 10 years as a teacher and business coach with Seneca College, Small Business Centre.  I taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to develop a marketing plan, create marketing materials while l providing inspiration and motivation.


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Brenda Turino

Communication, Innovation, Creativity 

I began my career in an administrative role. I have been inspired with marketing since I was first introduced to the concept in the early 90's when I was working in Human Resources creating people programs. I saw how marketing affects so many of us, not just in business but in our personal life as well. Throughout my career I have worked at helping kids and youth market themselves, women's grow to be the best they can be, business of all sizes recognize the power of marketing through workshops, training, design and development. Recently I have found myself wanting to help seniors see their lives in a more positive light and help them enhance their lives by offering personal services to support them.


I am a passionate person whose gift has been to help people. I have a natural talent for marketing. Whether it is helping my customers get more business, teaching newbie's the magic of marketing, helping our youth market themselves or helping someone market their home privately, I love marketing. I feel that there is so much to give that limiting myself to just one segment would not satisfy my need to assist people in general. I have been drawn in many directions over my career and I offer you my support and encouragement under many different categories.


Born in Etobicoke as Brenda Appelt, growing up in the neighbourhood of Kipling and The Queensway - way out in the suburbs at the time. 


We had a cottage for an escape every weekend and vacation near Lindsay. 

Maried Michael Turino in 1975.  We travelled a lot throughout the Caribean, South America and Europe.

Renovated properties

Lived in Etobicoke, Brampton, and currently in Burlington.


We had one son and loved his enthusiasm for life.  He chose to be a teacher and he married a beautiful woman and they have blessed us with two precious grandchildren.

Since 2010 I have been a avid volunteer in my community.  The Marketing Chair and 1st Vice President Burlington Newcomers Club, the Brant Centre an old age facility where I help the recreation department with sing-a-longs.  Photography services for snapd Burlington covering events throughout the area.


Administration to Marketing. Working for large and small organizations gave me a sence of business.  Being in the development and marketing areas helped me understand what customers want.

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