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Is your home ready for sale?

Do you know how to attract buyers?

Do you want to avoid high commission costs?


Successfully selling your home privately requires meticulous planning and preparation, marketing materials that get noticed and read by your target market, and setting a realistic budget to get the most out of your efforts. We believe that selling your house requires a little more effort than simply filling in the blanks of an online template. It deserves attention to the special details that you know and love and want others to appreciate too. We will help possible buyers see the potential your home offers. We draw on our 30 years of marketing experience to help you turn your comfortable home into a sellable product, and we do it all for one flat fee. No commissions, no gimmicks, just marketing that you can rely on. Explore our services and then contact us about us helping you market your home for sale.







Our services have been designed to help you launch the sale of your home.

We help you market your home so you can sell it quickly and for the best price.

It’s our job to make your home look and sound attractive to potential buyers

when they come to view your home or if they see your promotional materials.


Here are the services we offer.


No Obligation Consultation


We will come to your home and sit down with you to discuss:

  • your specific needs

  • what makes your home special

  • how the process works

  • who is responsible for what tasks

  • how we make this all happen as quickly as possible


Walk through & Pre-Sell Preparation List

Often we can’t see our home from a buyer’s perspective. We understand that you live in your home and it is not a showroom, but we help you prepare to turn your home into a product that others will want. We start by doing a walk through of your home and take pictures as it is now. As we walk through your property, we will be making suggestions on what could be done to improve the perceived value of each room. We then take these photos back to our office and develop a room-by-room pre-sell checklist for you to use as a tool to get your home ready for sale. Once complete we will return to meet with you to discuss the proposed alterations.


Simple Staging


We don’t take away from professional stagers, in fact sometimes we hire them for their expertise. But we find that often it is simple staging that is required to add warmth, define a room, tell a story, or enhance the room for photography and the virtual tour. We will help you use what you’ve got, such as existing furniture and accessories to enhance rooms to their maximum potential.


Photography & Videography


Doing the prep work will get your house ready for its preview to the world. We will photograph each area of your house. Often we will take many pictures of a room to ensure that we get the right angle and look that we want to achieve. Photography and videography will be taken inside and outside and those special features will be captured for all to see. No maximum limit on photographs.

Generally we schedule a 4 hour appointment to finish staging, photographing and videotaping your home. A virtual tour will be created from the video and will be uploaded onto YouTube for mass viewing.


Custom Marketing Materials


Each home is different and deserves to be marketed that way. Colour themes will accent your home and we will utilize our extensive design expertise to give you custom designed marketing materials.


Following are the materials that you will receive:

  • Brochures printed full colour, two sided, folded - The brochure will provide the details of your home in a quick reference guide, photos of the best features of the home and touring dialogue will take potential buyers through your home quickly.

  • Sell Sheets printed full colour

  • Postcards printed full colour, two sided, trimmed

  • half page bulletin board ads with tear offs announcing the house for sale

  • board ads with Open House dates.


Custom Signs*

Small and large lawn signs are available at different prices.
Each sign will include your contact information as well as your
web address, if applicable. Each sign comes with a sturdy stand.



Add a custom website for your home or property - one world wide web address
that you can direct friends, family, and potential buyers to learn more about your property.
We help you obtain the best possible domain name for your address. Content will be written
and photos uploaded for your approval.



Although we do not place ads for our clients, we create them for you and send them to you electronically. We will design and/or write classified ads, display ads for print, internet site ads.


Coordination of Suppliers

We will help you find suppliers if you need them, from handymen to lawyers.


Ongoing Support

We are here to help you launch the sale of your home. If you have questions you can call or email us and we will do our best to support you.


* Not included in basic package price, only executive package.
Additional printing is available at reasonable rates.

We don’t guarantee the selling of your home, but we do guarantee you will be satisfied with the way you market it.

Package Prices:
Basic: $1,500.00
Executive: $2,500.00 (includes website)
All prices are subject to applicable taxes.
Payment schedule is outlined in agreement.

If you are thinking about selling your home and want to avoid the high cost of realtors, then we can help you.


Chances are you are willing to do the work to sell your house and just need some help in making it look the best it can and showing people what a great property you have. That’s where we come in.


If you are in the Burlington/Hamilto area, call BLT Marketing Inc. today and set up an appointment. There is no obligation, we’ll just chat and find out if this is the best option for you.

Call: 289-337-2539




"We wanted to save the huge Realtor commission, so we decided to sell our house ourselves. We didn’t have the know-how to begin marketing our home. Brenda was a godsend. She made our home look and sound very attractive, she gave us all the tools we need to be successful. I would highly recommend her."

R. Alvarez

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